Project Name

Engineering Study for Helidecks in Mubarraz Offshore Field, UAE

  • Owner: Abu Dhabi Oil Company Limited (ADOC)
  • Location:Mubarraz Offshore Field, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • No. of Helidecks: 8 Nos.
  • Client: WorleyParsons, Abu Dhabi
  • Service Duration: 2 Weeks
  • Project Cost range:
  • Services Offered: Cost Estimation (±15% accuracy)
Abu Dhabi Oil Company Ltd. (ADOC) operates three oil‐fields at offshore Abu Dhabi, namely Mubarraz, Umm Al Anbar (AR) & Neewat Al Ghalan (GA). Oil & Gas from AR & GA fields are gathered at AR site terminal and treated before sending to Mubarraz Island. Mubarraz Island receives oil from Mubarraz field and AR Site Terminal and treat finally before loading through SPM to tankers for export. ADOC is currently utilizing helicopter services of Abu Dhabi Aviation (ADA) for transporting its passengers from shore to field and also for intra‐field transfers. ADOC operates one (01) Heliport and nine (09) Helidecks on Mubarraz Field. The entire operation comes under Jurisdiction of General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA). With respect to the directives issued by GCAA, It is mandatory that all Helicopter landing facilities in ADOC shall comply with the new regulations detailed under the Civil Aviation Advisory Publication (CAAP) ‐ 71 guidelines.

The cost estimate prepared for P&C scope of the project with an accuracy of ±15% and developed in line with Detailed Engineering Study Scope of Services, Project Description and developed P&C Tender Scope of Work.